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The life of Sitratec

Sitratec was founded in 1988 as a company of systems installation developed from leading companies worldwide, and has successfully undertaken its own production of improved systems. Thanks to it's technical and organizational skills, today it places itself on the global market with avant-garde, reliable and cost-effective systems.

30 Years of activity
648 Requests for quotes
307 Finalized Projects
12 International Finalized Projects

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1 to 256 Zones
2 to 999.999 Stations
Transportable weight up to 4 Kg
Speed 6/8 m/s
100 carriers/hour
Noise levels < 60 dB


Remote control of the system from our service center in Milan (Italy), through which we can provide technical support h24 365

Innovative Ideas

During any operation procedure (sending/receiving) the station does not emit any airflow.

Lots of Data

Each single carrier as a unique ID thanks to the double sided RFID system it can be identified from the station during the sending/receiving operations.

Proprietary Software System

We have developed the best, custom, multi languages PTS Software ever made.

Comfort and Innovation

The station is equipped with an ergonomical 8-inch FullHD touch-screen operator terminal.

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Case History

Our clients are Hospitals, Libraries, Banks, Shopping Centers, Supermarkets, Steelworks, Pharmaceutical Industries, Food, Typographic, etc.
For each customer we develop an analysis of the request and a careful technical/economic evaluation about the type of system that fit best to the clients requests.

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Sitratec manufactures and installs pneumatic tube systems globally. Here's our pasts public appointments:

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